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June 27-July 11, 2023 Chiapas, Mexico

August 6-20, 2023 Saulte Saint Marie, Michigan, USA

Church Remodel: Roof, siding, classrooms, baptismal tank, driveway. Many skills are needed

November 20-30 Cuba 

December 5-19, 2023 Holguin, Cuba

December 19, 2023-January 3, 2024 Holguin, Cuba


International Trips:

$275 per person for families of 4 or more.  $375 a person for individuals.  This includes cost of VISA & travel insurance.  

Must purchase your own airfare.  Cost covers lodging & meals.  If your come earlier or later - lodging & meals are your costs.

Application, funds, and VISA info must be received by September because it takes time for Cuba to issue visas for the group

Cuba trip VISA's can't be tourist - they must be humanitarian.

Trip funds are non-refundable.

Spots are limited.  So reserve now.


Pictures From Project in Leticia, Columbia:

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