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The Activity Permission Form & Consent to Treat Form are REQUIRED for a child under 18 years of age and must be signed & NOTORIZED by BOTH parents.

The minimum age is 15 years old unless accompanied by a parent.


These trips are being planned during unpredictable circumstances, in faith that the Lord will lead the way. 

Everyone needs to be aware that funds sent in are donations to the Lord's work, and by His grace we will also be able to donate our time and labor!  

Reservations:  We have many interests for these trips and so they fill up quickly.  Your name is put on the list when you send in your forms and your money.  The funds are a donation to the Lord's work, and thus non-refundable if you decide to not go.  The funds will then be used to help pay the costs for the churches.  If I receive your funds after the trip is full, I will return your check to you.  

Cost of the Trip:  It is your responsibility to purchase your transportation to and from.  

Individuals & families of 1-3

$350 per person (includes insurance) ($357 if paying with paypal)

Families of 4 or more:

$250 per person (includes insurance)

For the December trip, all trip money needs to be turned by Nov. 1. 

         Family size cost example: 1 person: $350, 2 people: $700, 3 people $1050, 4 people: $1000, 5 people:$1250, 6 people: $1500

            ***Yes, the price is less per person for larger families to make it affordable.

Flight Itinerary - Please email your flight itinerary to us as soon as you have it so we can make arrangements for pick up and drop-off.

Covid Testing - Please check for current information on flying from your departure country to and from Mexico.  Many countries are now requiring negative COVID tests in Mexico before returning on a flight back to other countries.



Mexico Missions and Beyond

P.O. Box 384

Harrison, TN 37341

Packing List


  1. Your Passport

  2. Your Bible

  3. Water Bottle

  4. Sleeping bag & pillow

  5. Air mattress or sleeping mat

  6. Towel & bath gear kit

  7. Shirts should be short sleeved, no sleeveless, please, & long enough to cover the belly.

  8. Please ladies keep the necklines high

  9. Pants (for protection from bugs and work injuries)

  10. Guys shorts should be knee length (if wearing them)

  11.  Ladies/ girls,  please wear pants or capris, or skirts (below the knee)… NO shorts, please

  12.  Bring sweaters, jackets, or sweatshirts

  13. Work gloves

  14. Rain coats (we work in the rain many times) can be the $1, plastic kind

  15. Sun screen

  16. Insect repellent

  17. Sabbath clothes and shoes

  18. Garbage bags for your dirty clothes!!!

  19. Spending cash for both buying things for shopping on your fun day.

  20. 1 roll of toilet paper per person


No electronics/cell phones/etc. under age 20 are allowed or they will be taken away.

No Video Games or Videos or Music

(we need the Lord’s blessing and watch care as we travel & in the country of Mexico).

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

  Our purpose is to be a blessing, as we work for the Lord,

Online Mexico Missions Sign Up Form

Fill out form below to apply online. 1 form per family.

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