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We here, at Mexico Missions and Beyond, are committed to missions!


Our motto is: "changing lives through short term missions."

Our goal:  is to provide a wholesome atmosphere, in which families, young people and older alike, can come and serve the Lord without compromising principle or conscience.

We provide fulfilling opportunities where one can participate in church and school construction, Vacation Bible School, dental clinics, health screening, door to door evangelism, and helping out with evangelistic campaigns and children’s ministries (in the evenings).

We find by serving others we become changed, thus our motto has become a reality in many lives.

Many years ago Mexico Missions was started because, as a youth leader, I noticed our young people were leaving the church at an alarming rate. As I looked for solutions, I had an opportunity to take the young people on a mission trip.  I saw first hand how missions was the answer. It not only helps the people we go minister to; it also gives the young people a purpose in fulfilling the gospel commission; in so doing it changes their lives.

Over the years we have been developing programs that not only bless the people we minister to; but develops missionary skills in those that participate. To be a blessing in the Lord's work is very fulfilling spiritually.

Now Mexico Missions is expanding which is the reason we have added “and Beyond” to our name. We are not only serving in Mexico: we have worked in Venezuela, Bolivia, Belize, and Cuba and many places in the U.S. including New York, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Alaska.

We have been involved in helping with a project to start a missionary training school in Belize.

So we at Mexico Missions and Beyond; pray that we also will be open to new opportunities as God opens the way.

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